Advantage of Curved Tv

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The new technologic panorama for TV is adding new shapes to the existing technology for TV Sets. However, one stood up from the rest. It is the curved television. Both Samsung and LG presented televisions designed in this shapes during the CES convention. These new gadgets have the particularity of bending just like cinema screens do. But, what is the greatest advantage of curved tv?
Is it really different or is it just a marketing feature?

Both Samsung and LG argue that this new shape will provide the television user with an experience similar to the one they have when they go to the movies. So, instead of buying huge television and sit close to the screen, you just need to twist your television and bend it a little so it looks exactly like a cinema screen. Even though curved television is pretty difficult to hang on a wall, it can be placed on a table.  

 The biggest advantage is that it definitely changes the way in which television is watched today. You will no longer have to use a lot of space to watch TV since this new gadget bends exactly where it is supposed to. 

Epic Soccer Training Honest Review

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Epic Soccer Training ReviewEpic Soccer Training offers you the right tools so you can become the soccer player you always wanted. It is the only soccer training in the market offering professional coaching. Think about it, the difference between who you are and who you want to be lies on the training, as it is fundamental for any sport. If you want to become a professional and you feel stuck, there must be something wrong with the training you are following and if you cannot progress then it is time to change. Matt Smith highlights 4 common mistakes among soccer players who cannot succeed: Practicing traditional training, only focusing on juggling, team training and soccer summer camps. These old methodologies do not allow you to spend enough time with the ball, this revolutionary Epic Soccer System allows you to practice by yourself while seeing gradual and dramatic results.

The program includes the main three module program, more than four hours of Epic Soccer Training Videos mistakes to avoid and tricks to implement, an 8 week guarantee and 4 bonuses that include a Fitness Guide, a Coaching Guide, a Nutrition Guide and a Training Vault. In total, it lasts 8 weeks and it is very easy to follow as it is flexible and interactive. These individual soccer moves will lead you to success, this is your opportunity to reach your full potential with professional advanced techniques and you can even try it for free, do not miss this chance and order right away!